Window Repair in Memphis & Nashville TN

Window Repair in Memphis & Nashville TN

Windows form an integral part of a home, they are for all intents and purposes the eyes of the home since apart from letting in light; they also allow the homeowner to get a glimpse of the outside world. They should always be kept in tip-top condition since they are also a reflection of the housing unit to the outside world. Windows are usually exposed to the elements of nature and because of this, they tend to get dirty, crack, or simply wear out quite frequently. As most property owners will attest, getting a good window repair contractor for your home can be a daunting task unless you know where to look.

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What To Expect From Our Window Repair Services

Many people tend to believe that repairing windows is an easy task that doesn’t need a real professional to undertake. Contrary to this belief, windows that have not been properly repaired and fitted will not only look ugly but will also increase your energy bills quite significantly. In addition, windows that have not been properly fitted and maintained also pose a security risk as they can be used to gain access to your home. In this regard, it is very important to ensure that you only engage the services of an experienced and well-qualified home window repair contractor who will offer you world class service from the onset.

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Getting the Most of Our Services

At A to Z construction, we offer our clients a full range of window repair services that satisfy all their window needs. From simply repairing your current windows to full replacements of the unit, we have it fully covered. With years of experience in this competitive market space, you can stay rest assured that we can handle any window problem you may have, whether big or small, we have the requisite skills to have it done. In particular, our in-home services are quite helpful when it comes to some unique window and patio door problems which may otherwise be difficult to handle.

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To fully appreciate the importance of window repair and what we have on offer, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Q: Do you install replacement windows year around? If so, will I lose a lot of heat /cooling at the time of installation?

A: Yes, we do install windows all year round. Our crew usually installs one window at a time and is well trained so as to ensure that they minimize cooling or heating losses

Q: How can I prepare my house for my replacement windows?

A: you should start by taking down blinds, curtains, and any other present window treatment. You should also ensure that all security sensors are either removed or turned off by the security company. You should also remove all wall decorations near the window

Q: why should I consider having my old windows replaced?

A: new windows are typically made to accurately fit an existing opening. In addition, they also afford your home additional beauty

Q: What are windows typically made of and which one will work best for me?

A: there are 4 main materials, these are; Vinyl, Fiberglass, Wood, and Aluminum. Vinyl windows are currently the most preferred since they offer very good insulation, don’t rot and don’t need any painting

Q: Which one is more important in saving energy, the glass or frame?

A: Because 70 percent of most windows are made of glass, it is thus the best medium to save energy on.

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