Window Installation in Memphis & Nashville TN

Installing new windows is one of the best things a homeowner can do to upgrade his home. Stress should be the last thing you would encounter for a project like this. With the huge number of window installation companies out there, choosing the one who will give you what you are looking for is a relatively simple task.

Whether it may be to improve energy efficiency and functionality, to increase curb appeal, or to give a home a new, trendy look, A to Z Construction Services is here to provide you with the highest standards of quality and service for your window installation and replacement project.

We provide a professional and hassle-free installation process which is carried out by our team of window experts. From the first moment you talk to us, from consultation to installation, we will oversee your project every step of the way.

We are highly confident in the expertise of our installers that we offer you limited warranty not only on the product and the glass but on our installation, as well.

A to Z’s Window Installation Process in Memphis & Nashville

There are two methods of window installation, and choosing which one is right for you is a bit tricky. We are ready to discuss them with you so you can be thoroughly guided in your options. To give you an overview, the two methods are:

  1. Full frame window installation involves removing the entire existing window and installing new ones.
  2. Insert window installation method involves setting a new window into an existing frame opening.

When our team of window experts arrives at your home, we are fully prepared to handle all the challenges of the project, namely:

  • The make, style, and design of your new windows
  • The variations in the materials and thickness of your wall
  • The different types of casing and sill construction
  • The deviation of the new window from the original design of the home, and
  • The underlying damage when the old windows are removed, if any.

We will then thoroughly explain to you the whole installation process before we begin. We will answer any questions you may have so that we may get to know your preferences better.

We start by preparing the area of concern. Drop cloths are placed inside and out to catch any debris. The old window is carefully removed, and the window frame painstakingly inspected and repaired for any damage. The open window area is cleaned and prepared thoroughly so our installers can put in the new window.

Our installers will then replace the trim and tightly seal the area around the frame to ensure adequate insulation. This process of weatherproofing is called flashing, and it might be the most crucial step of the whole window-installation process. A very effective technique is putting the flashing around a window from the bottom up so that when water hits it, it runs off the lower portion of your flashing.

Once the windows are installed, a final inspection of our handiwork is done. We will make sure that everything is in perfect working condition. We will also make sure all the areas we have worked on are clean and free from debris and dispose of your old windows for you.

Before we leave you to enjoy your new windows, we will walk you through their proper operation, provide you with tips on care and maintenance, and answer any other questions you may have.

Additionally, allow us to show you how you can leave any feedback on the services we have provided you. Hearing how satisfied you are about your experience with us is a welcome treat!

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