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There are certain situations that necessitate a total roof replacement by the homeowner. Some of these include rotting and algae growth, buckling, rotting, blistering or curling of the roof. These conditions can leave the home open to harsh weather conditions that may cause a lot of suffering to the dwellers, such as pests which could easily pass through the weak roofing structures.

When Do You Need Roof Replacement?

A worn out roof should be replaced immediately since it can easily fall down and cause damage to the home, especially during a storm or heavy winter downpour. This destruction may not only be limited to property but also people who can sustain injuries as well. Furthermore, torn or cracked roofing material can cause loose debris to enter the vents or pipes, thus affecting the overall quality of water collected in your water tanks.

Hiring a Trusted Roof Contractor

At A to Z Construction, we’ve been providing roof replacement services to the residents of Memphis TN for several years. Through which time we have attained many referrals from satisfied customers who direct their friends to us for quality service.

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We are also very thorough in our work. Before we proceed with any replacement, a visual inspection would be done. This will help determine the best takedown procedure to use, so as to reduce the chances of incurring secondary damage to surrounding items. Moreover, during the installation, we’ll ensure that all existing drainage systems are taken into consideration, such that they are not blocked in any way when the new roof is being put up.

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What should I expect during roof replacement?

During takedown of the old roofing system, you may be required to remove certain household items from the way and store them in a safe area where they would not be affected by falling debris.

What does recoverable depreciation roof replacement mean?

If your homeowner insurance policy covers replacement costs and you file for property damage, you could be eligible for re-compensation to cover depreciation costs of your roof. Recoverable depreciation can be summed up as the difference between your roof’s replacement cost and the Actual Cash Value (ACV).

What does roof replacement involve?

There are 2 phases in roof replacement which include takedown of the old roof and putting up a new one. Each of these stages involves unique processes which require special skills.

My roof is leaking. Should I replace it?

This depends on the extent of damage that has been done, if the destruction is beyond repair then there’s no other option left but to do a full replacement.

How can I know if my roof needs replacement?

From within your home, check for signs of a sagging roof deck or dark spots and trails that pass in sunlight into the inside. Also be on the lookout for creaky sounds which may emerge when a strong wind blows, they indicate that your roofing structure is weak.

Is it a must to completely replace an existing roofing?

No, it’s not a must to do this. If there’s a portion of your roof that hasn’t been affected then we shall leave it intact as per your request. We only work on what has been assigned to us by the client and nothing more. The choice is yours whether you want a complete replacement on your existing roof or just a part of it.

Can my roof be changed during the winter season?

Yes. Our roof replacement Memphis TN contractor technicians are flexible in their operations and can even work during winter. Just contact us early enough so that we can prepare for the task effectively before coming to your home.

How much does a roof replacement cost?

It depends on the kind of roof you want to put up, some are more costly than others depending on the processes involved in an installation. The size of your home will also determine how much you pay, a bigger house shall require more money and vice versa. Otherwise, the average price of doing a replacement is around $5,950.

How often should roof replacement be done?

This largely depends on their condition. Some materials such as asphalt shingles are known to last for between 20 to 30 years, whereas others may take shorter periods than this. Nevertheless, if your roof gets damaged at any time such as during a heavy storm, you can do an immediate replacement.

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