Roof Installation in Memphis TN

As the owner of residential premises or commercial structures, you are always looking to have a solid roof that stands the test of time. However, even the strongest roofing materials will wear in time. You need to know when to simply repair existing roofs and when to replace them with an entirely new material. A new roof over your head comes in handy in many ways, whether it is placed on a new structure or is the result of a general overhaul.

Roofing Installation Services in Memphis TN

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Why Hire Roofing Installation Services?

New buildings need the attention of the best roofing professionals the owner can come across. This is because the roof has to be set right to allow for durability and enable it to live through the rigors of bad weather. Old buildings will also need a replacement because a faulty cover is at times responsible for the loss of property worth thousands of dollars as well as potential injuries to the occupants.

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The essence of a roof installation company

Most residents of Memphis TN understand that the roofing process is never the sort of thing a non-professional would attempt. It is a highly delicate undertaking that can only take off in the presence of an experienced roofing contractor like ourselves. For a long time, we have put a cover on residences and commercial premises in Memphis TN. Our technicians are highly trained and come with a wealth of experience in the industry as they have been around for decades. We are timely, convenient and our rates are the most competitive around.


How long will it take a roofing company to install my new roof?

No one roofing project is similar to another as there are various factors to consider. At times, the weather becomes inconvenient for work. At others, the project involves the removal of the old cover. However, we get things done between two and four days regardless of the roof installation services involved.

How much roof installation cost?

There are no standard market rates for this one. It all depends on the type of structure involved (are we looking at slopes or vertical inclines?), the grade of the materials to be used, the physical size of the structure and of course the roof brand you choose to go by.

Can a new roof be installed on top of my old roof?

It depends on you and what you want. Simply laying the new material over the old can mean fewer expenses, less labor and less time wasted. However, there is a general feeling that overlaying materials can compound the problem and create a chaotic atmosphere. In addition to that, two layers of roofing materials simply create the problem of stability and support.

Should I have my old roof removed before the new one is installed?

Our professional view is a big YES. This is because the shingles below prevent the ones above from sealing well and create issues with structural integrity.

How should I prepare for the installation of my new roof?

You will need to understand what you need in terms of resources and roofing components. This is best handled by professionals like ourselves. You will also need to do your timing right. The roofing process takes days, so it is best done when the family is away on holidays. You will probably need to keep your neighbors in the loop so the noise does not come as a surprise to them.

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