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Carpentry is an integral part of home maintenance and improvement since wood is a primary architectural feature of nearly all homes.

A to Z Construction Services offers you our expertise on the following home improvement projects:

  • Kitchen and bath wood fixtures
  • Cabinet installation and repair
  • Wood paneling
  • Non-structural custom framing
  • Handrails, railings, stairways, and balustrades
  • Gazebo building and repair
  • Shed building and repair
  • Canopy and awning replacement
  • Wainscot replacement and repair

For any other carpentry repairs, you may need, feel free to contact us at A to Z Construction Services. We will be more than happy to respond to your inquiries.

Carpenter for Wood Rot and Termite Damage

When you experience wood rot or termite damage, and you need carpenter services to remedy those damages, you can count on A to Z Construction Services for expert carpentry repairs.

Wood, when exposed to water for an extended period of time, is prone to damage known as wood rot. It usually starts as a discoloration of the wood but progresses to structural damages over time. The fungi in the water decompose the structure of the wood, making it soft and brittle.

Wood rot may usually be seen in areas that are exposed to water. The most common places to check for wood rot are attics, under sinks, basements, windowsills, thresholds, steps and stoops, decks, eaves, wood sidings, and fences.

Minor incidences of wood rot can be remedied by stripping the rotted wood off its source. A polyester filler is then used to rebuild rotted or damaged wood. It can be molded and shaped to match the original wood profile and will not rot. The remaining wood is treated with special chemicals to restore its integrity.

In major cases of wood rot, such as in large areas of a deck or patio, entire wood boards may need to be replaced.

Termite damage can sometimes appear very similar to water damage. The usual signs can include bending wood, swollen floors, and sagging ceilings. Unfortunately, termite damage can escape the naked eye, and only when there is considerable destruction, will it be very obvious. Dealing with the termite infestation by hiring professional pest control services should be your first step.

For dealing with non-invasive and slightly invasive termite damage, the repair strategy will typically be aimed at hardening the wood to make it more termite resistant. Wood treatment products called wood hardeners are used. They are special adhesives that will fill in any fissures created by termites.

For invasive, structural damage, the repair strategy is more extensive. It includes removing the highly damaged parts. Any wiring and plumbing connections are disengaged. The internal wood is scraped to remove any remaining damaged portions. Wood sealers are then injected deep into the remaining and surrounding structures, which are thoroughly re-finished to remove any trace of infestation.

Professional, fast, and reliable Nashville and Memphis carpenter services that require special attention and skills are essential for every home — Trust A to Z Construction Services to solve your carpentry problems. We treat every project we take on with the same commitment to quality; we have always been striving to give you 100% satisfaction.

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