Driveway Repair and Installation in Memphis & Nashville TN

Concrete driveway repair and installation are highly specialized services. They require skilled contractors who not only understand the science behind them but can render installation and repair that can stand the test of time.

When you suddenly notice sections of your driveway looking sunk and uneven, you need a driveway repair professional to repair them effectively. Of course, you can try a DIY approach, but that can be quite risky on different levels and a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Concrete repair is a labor-intensive job that should be done with utmost precision. It is not just a matter of mixing the concrete and slapping it down on your driveway. Without the proper experience, tools, and know-how, you could end up with a problem on top of a problem, wasting your time and money along the way.

What Is The Main Cause of Sunken Driveways?

Slab settlement is the sinking or movement of a concrete slab when the soil below the slab can no longer carry the weight of the concrete. This is mainly caused by erosion. The soil underneath is washed away, creating spaces and resulting in sunken concrete.

Erosion, on the other hand, is caused by a combination of poorly compacted soil during construction of the driveway, water from plumbing leaks, clogged gutters, and flooding; and changes in soil moisture content.

How Can We Solve Your Sunken Driveway Problem?

Cracks and fissures on your concrete driveway may be easily remedied by patching. An underlying settlement problem, however, cannot be handled by band-aid solutions. Do-it-yourself repairs may be less expensive, but they can be messy and time-consuming.

At A to Z Construction, we offer you a fast and effective way to repair your sunken concrete driveway.

First up, small holes will be drilled on the concrete slab. Then, a high-density polyurethane foam injection solution called PolyLevel is injected through those holes. The expanding properties of this polymer will lift up and level the concrete slab precisely and efficiently. You will have a much more permanent and waterproof repair than any other common concrete repair techniques.

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