Concrete Repair in Memphis & Nashville TN

Concrete like driveways and concrete patios can deteriorate for several reasons, poor installation being a common culprit. Unpredictable weather conditions such as extreme heat followed immediately by extreme cold, or vice versa can also take a toll on concrete.

If you see the following signs of damage on your property, you might consider concrete repair as soon as possible:

  • Uneven Concrete Slabs
    Certain environmental conditions, such as tree roots and subsurface water, can cause uneven surfaces on concrete.
  • Cracked Surfaces
    Cracks on the surface of your concrete need immediate concrete repair as those cracks can work their way deeper into the slab.
  • Pitting/Spalling
    Pitting, or spalling, is when small holes, or “pits,” show up on a concrete surface and make it look uneven and worn. This is usually caused by ice and snow that are left on the surface and goes through the cycle of freezing and melting from night to day. Using de-icing salts on your concrete can also contribute to concrete pitting.
  • Chemical Damage
    Concrete is also prone to damage when its calcium hydroxide content reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate in a process called carbonatation. This chemical process weakens the concrete and may cause a variety of damages such as cracking, pitting, and scaling.

The help of a professional concrete contractor can prove invaluable to restore your concrete to its attractive, safe, and excellent condition. Taking the appropriate measures to repair any damage will go a long way towards saving you time and money before employing any drastic moves.

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A Better Approach to Concrete Repairs

Although the makeup of concrete has not changed drastically over the last 20 years, repair products have, and concrete contractors can offer customers more repair options now than ever before.

Concrete driveways and other concrete surfaces can now be filled in, leveled, livened up, and strengthened without investing too much time and money to replace the old concrete. New technology surface treatment can even make them look as good, if not better than new.

Polymers are used to create a strong bond between the new and old concrete, acrylics are added for strength, and the attractive finishes efficiently disguise patching and other repairs.

Addressing concrete problems early on is an astute move that can help upgrade your property’s curb appeal, helping to maintain and even increase the value of your home. Working with professional concrete repair contractors in Memphis is a wise investment.

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We will work closely with you during project pre-planning, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing as it relates to optimizing efficiency so that the concrete repair is done on time. We will provide you with an estimate, including the down payment, the cost of the concrete, base material, reinforcements, coloring, and sealer.

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