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The installation of commercial flooring systems ought to be handled by a competent commercial flooring contractor due to the complex nature of the job. Commercial floors need to be not only good-looking and functional, but also sufficiently pleasurable for members of the public. The floors should be stain resistant, non-slip and durable. Numerous people will walk on them and it doesn’t make financial sense if a business will be required to redress the flooring after every few years.

Trust Our Experienced Flooring Contractor

Choosing your commercial flooring contractor is just as crucial as the flooring itself. Letting a mediocre contractor do the job for you would result in improper installation, causing the floors to bend and buckle. On the other hand, a knowledgeable contractor knows what needs to be done and when it should be done. A good contractor brings you an experienced team and uses the newest technology and tested processes to help carry out the job efficiently and save you time and money. Clearly, you can do without the headaches that accompany hiring inept commercial flooring contractors.

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Reliable commercial flooring solutions

A To Z Construction Services has been providing commercial flooring solutions to businesses in the larger Memphis area, TN since 1991. Our talented and fully qualified installers are among the most experienced in the country when it comes to commercial flooring installation. We have expert installers who efficiently deal with issues that may come up during floor installation in older establishments. Whether you need commercial flooring installation in a small office area or large multi-story premises, we can handle it.

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Can I install a new floor covering over old adhesive residue?

When fitting new floor covering such as resilient Standard EXCELON VCT or Premium EXCELON VCT tiles, A To Z Construction Services can use S-750, S-700, S-515 or S-89 Resilient Tile Adhesives on top of old adhesive residue. Importantly, the adhesive residue should not have any evident puddles or ridges, but a thin, flat film.

What are the cost benefits of a commercial flooring system?

  • Highly affordable as well as cost-effective.
  • Extremely durable even in high traffic areas.
  • Attracts relatively low maintenance when compared to other flooring options
  • Allows for quick installation. Unlike other flooring options that may take weeks to install, the commercial flooring system would be complete in a matter of a few days.
  • A commercial flooring system provides much more value during its lifespan compared to the traditional flooring products.

What causes floor polish to powder off of the flooring surface?

When the polish film disintegrates either partially or in totality, a fine, light-colored powder is formed. The various causes of powdering include:

  • Use of a very abrasive floor pad
  • Inadequate rinsing of the floor after stripping
  • Force-drying polish surface
  • Application of acrylic type polish over wax type polish
  • Insufficient grit control
  • Mismatched polish

What causes a clicking/crackling sound when walking over a resilient floor?

The clicking and crackling usually happen if the tile isn’t properly conformed to the sub-floor. During installation, the floor to be tiled should be acclimatized by heating the area to at least 18C (65F). Such temperature enables the tile to conform to the floor and fit well into place. Contact us today!

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