Commercial Capital Improvement in Memphis TN

Commercial capital improvements in Memphis TN are designed to add permanent structural changes/restorations to some aspects of property. As such, these commercial capital improvement plans enhance the overall value of the property, increase its useful life, and/or adapt it to new use.

Commercial Capital Improvement Services in Memphis & Nashville TN

Without the right plan, to this end, your property will continue depreciating in value or becoming less useful over the long term. In the same way, failure to work on commercial capital improvement projects will make it impossible to recreate your building into something more useful.

How Does Capital Improvement Services Work?

The greatest thing you can do with a commercial building is to increase its value over time. As it ages and time passes, the value tends to go down. Buildings also tend to fall into disrepair, which might even lead to accidents on site – making you susceptible to slip and fall accident claims.

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The Best Commercial Capital Improvement Projects

To ensure all the above scenarios do not play out, you have to understand commercial capital improved value, and the gains you are going to make when you get the perfect commercial capital improvement plan. A to Z Construction Services, LLC has been working on a number of commercial capital improvement projects in the past. Therefore, you can rely on us to perfect your commercial building by improving it as and when required.

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Q: Can capital improvement affect a property’s cost basis?

A: Apart from improving your property, commercial capital improvement will also increase its cost basis, while reducing the capital gains tax you ought to pay when and if you do choose to sell it.

Q: How would my property taxes change if I enlarge the square footage of my family room and kitchen, add a patio, and replace my shake roof with a tile roof?
A: All additions to your existing home – including such outdoor additions as flatwork, sunrooms, decks, spas, pools, and patio covers – will require the portion that was reconstructed to be reassessed. Therefore, the value of the property would not typically be affected by the addition. It would also not have to be reappraised.

Q: What happens to the assessed value of my property when there is new construction?

A: Property reassessment is required whenever construction occurs. Therefore, new constructions that are not considered as normal repairs or maintenance works will be assessed if they add value to the said property. However, the value of the existing property will not be affected.

Q: How would my property taxes change if I tore down my existing home and built a new house in its place? Would it make a difference if I tore everything down and left one wall up?

A: When you build a new house, it will be considered as a new construction. As such, it will have to be reassessed fully at the current market value. The additional tax burden would comprise the property value raised by the new home, less the value as assessed of the home that was torn down. In the same way, leaving one wall up will make no difference to your property tax. Only the value of the land the new house stands on will remain stagnant.

Q: When is new construction considered complete?

A: A new construction is considered complete on the day it is available for active use. This is the time when the property (or any usable portion) has undergone inspection and has been approved for occupancy.


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